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Times App Search -11th May 2016


The usage of mobile apps is increasing in India day by day. The app stores are constantly getting new and innovative titles. Some are fun while some do a really serious job. If you have a Smartphone or a tablet, chances are that you have tried some amazing apps and some boring ones too. 

But do you frequently complain that there is no app that could make your life simpler or cater to your specific needs? Do you have any idea for a mobile app that could address the needs of people who are facing similar problems? Or you generally have an idea for a mobile app?

No matter what your idea is Times has a contest for you. We give you the opportunity and platform to showcase your talent. We are currently hosting a mobile app contest the “Times App Search”, inviting you to submit your idea and compete with other participants. 

We have a non-biased process of selecting the best mobile app idea winners via a committee of highly experienced industry experts who are dedicated to uncovering the Next Big App for mobile. The committee focuses on all aspects of the submitted ideas, carefully and thoroughly goes through each of them before deciding the winner. 

The winner is not only honoured with the title of “Best App Idea” but also wins prizes. So, if you have any idea in any of the mentioned categories submit it now and try your chance.

 Do any or all to stack the cards in your favour. 

So, submit your idea (not exceeding 400 words) in the form of a concept note, before May 11th, 2016 to enter the competition. 

For any information regarding the Times App Search contest, send an email to

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