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Ascent Engineering Mastermind 2014


When: 28th September 2014

Where: Mumbai

Young engineers from across the country proved that numbers are not their only forte
at the grand finale of Ascent Engineering Mastermind 2014, held in Mumbai on 28th
September, 2014. From movies to technology to innovations, the engineers managed to crack the toughest questions that the quizmaster posed to them.

After gruelling zonal rounds in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune, the four teams that made it to the grand finale were: Texas Instruments from Bangalore, Infosys from Pune, TCS from Mumbai and PowerGrid from Delhi. To add an extra twist to the finale, the teams were allowed to bid for as many points as they wanted. If they got it right, the gains were big and if they erred, the loss was also monumental! Nevertheless, the risk did not seem to deter the teams as they bid for ambitious numbers.

Texas Instruments proved their all-rounder abilities by guessing a movie name
correctly while TCS wowed the audience with a series of correct responses. PowerGrid
enthralled the avid audience with trivia about their response – ‘limelight’. Did you know that ‘limelight’ is called so because slaked lime or calcium hydroxide is actually involved in the process of producing it? At the end of the first two rounds, TCS was leading and Texas Instruments came a close second.

Famous television show The Big Bang Theory made its presence felt during the
audio-visual round. Several of the questions revolved around sports, automobiles and
technology. The teams could also choose their questions from six possible fields such as innovation, blueprints and ‘how it works’.

‘Fire away’ – the last buzzer round consisted of five questions, which proved to be the
deciding round for the competition. Unfortunately, PowerGrid jumped the gun on one of the questions and pressed the buzzer before the quizmaster had completed the question.

In this atmosphere of fraught competition and thrilling challenges, Texas Instruments
emerged as the undisputed victor with 55 points while last year’s champions TCS
managed to secure the second spot with 40 points. Proud winners Sumanth and Chaitanya revealed that they had started a quiz club in their organisation to indulge in their love for the sport. “We have been quizzing quite frequently and we began the club two years ago.

We ensure that we have quizzes every two weeks. Sometimes, there are special events as well. The club helps us keep in touch with what’s happening. Quizzing as a sport is both informative and collaborative,” they commented.

Pravin Varma and R Jayakanthan, the runner-ups from TCS averred that it was their
passion for knowledge that inspired them to keep quizzing. “We are interested in
September, 2014 knowing about everything. And it’s not just about facts – it’s also about what you think of the world. It always helps when you love what you’re doing. We follow both online and offline sources to keep ourselves updated.” They also agreed that participating in quizzes helped them deal with pressure situations where they had to think on their feet.

Ajay Kukreja, CHRO, Honeywell India agreed that quizzing can be a great preparation
ground for dealing with the cut-throat competition of the corporate world. “Winning a
competition is a great addition to your CV but what really matters is the collaboration,
preparation, team work and identifying of resources that you do in the process.” He
added, “An event like this brings back the focus on engineering.”

The grand finale winners took home Macbook Airs and Iphone 5S phones while the zonal winners won Ipad Airs and Ipad Minis. The Ascent Engineering Mastermind 2014 was thus an event to remember.

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