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career horoscope - June 2013


You are the creator of your destiny. To make the most of this period of time, speak the positive affirmation several times daily, preferably while holding or wearing your lucky stone and colour.

Aries: You have been on your toes all this while and want some sort of rest or respite from the hectic corporate life. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy and rejuvenate yourself is yours at your current organisation. Helpful colleagues will bring an element of fun and laughter at work. For those of you who seek a new adventure in your career, an impressive reward soon becomes a possibility. 
Colour: Orange 
Stone: Carnelian 
Affirmation: I take great pleasure in my work right now 
Taurus: You need to be careful about where you are headed. Be true to your inner self. Ask your intuition to guide you and you will realise what you truly care for or seek in your career life. Honesty and ethics will always help you achieve your destiny. You will find that an offer that was blocked for so long now becomes available again.

Colour: White 
Stone: Quartz 
Affirmation: I am clear and honest to myself on my career path 
Gemini: You may be feeling defensive or fearful at the moment. The more you resist, the more the problem seems to persist. Try to see how your own mindset is responsible for your present work situation. Deeper inner work will light your way ahead. You need to stop projecting a needy image and come across as someone who is abundant and capable of creating success for others as well as yourself. 

Colour: Green
Stone: Bloodstone
Affirmation: I now project myself in the best possible way

 Cancer: This month is emotionally empowering for you in every way. You have the support of some fine people around you. At the same time, you are also being respected and honoured in your position at work. Do not cry about the past and allow yourself to be uplifted in the present moment. Your current situation is a blessing for you.

Colour: Red 
Stone: Garnet 
Affirmation: I now empower myself from within and accept divine blessings 
Leo: This month sees you move at a much faster pace than before. Your energy is perfect for attracting cooperation and help at work from partners and colleagues. Some of you are also attracting an opportunity for world travel and expansion. Open up your frontiers and allow goodness to flow into your career from every direction. The universe supports you in your every goal. 

Colour: Pink 
Stone: Agate 
Affirmation: I integrate myself with the universe through my career 
Virgo: This is a supremely magical month for all of you. Imagine that you have the power to achieve just about anything now. You will find that luck will favour you and help you without much of your personal effort. Your inner wisdom can generate such luck for you now. Enlighten yourself and learn how to raise your vibrations to the higher dimensions.

Colour: Purple 
Stone: Labradorite 
Affirmation: I am magickally powerful in my career now 
Libra: You need to end all the negativity and turn it all into a new beginning. There is no point in remaining within a place where your mind has no rest or peace. You need to start a new cycle where you receive emotional content. Let the universe know that you wish to attract positive opportunities towards yourself. Feel the change coming into your life right now. 

Colour: Black 
Stone: Tourmaline 
Affirmation: I now let go off all the unwanted energies and accept change 

Scorpio: This month is one of new initiatives. You have ample courage and fortitude. You are also gracefully moving about in your career network and helping yourself to meaningful contacts and acquaintances. Somehow you will see that one wish is coming to be true very soon. Brace yourself and feel delighted at what you are manifesting.

Colour: Blue
Stone: Turqoise
Affirmation: I now create success in ever aspect of my career

Sagittarius: This may be a good time to wait and watch what is coming next in your career graph. You have been hardworking and performing well in the past. This is the time to appraise your performance and decide what you deserve. You know from within what you are worth. Do not accept offers that seem to give you less than what you are capable of attracting.

 Colour: Gray
Stone: Chalcedony
Affirmation: I now accept my true worth

Capricorn: For those of you who feel the boredom or stagnation seeping into your career life, there is great news coming to you soon, even if not very soon. You will find that being patient this month ensures your success in the present organisation while giving you prosperity and blessings for everything that you are planning in your future. Keep your sight on your higher good.

Colour: Indigo
Stone: Sodalite
Affirmation: My patience is now being rewarded with great success

Aquarius: You have a lot to learn this month, which opens up pathways for new growth. Being very humble and receptive shall be a great idea. You might sometimes feel that a rather big burden is over your shoulders now and you might start doubting your capabilities. Ask for help if you require it. It might be futile to quit right now. You need to bear your burdens for the moment.

 Colour: Red
Stone: Coral
Affirmation: I now have great energy and power in my career

Pisces: You are feeling much more confident and mature in your career situation. You will need to motivate and train others a lot more right now. Your charisma and openness will bring in success in your present organisation. You seem to have the aura of success. Someone or something from the past will be calling you back in your career.

Colour: Yellow
Stone: Citrine
Affirmation: I now shine with the bright colour of success

Swati Prakash
President - Tarot India Network

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